A community for CTOs, VPoE and Technical Leaders in Portugal

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About CTOs Portugal

Being a technical leader can be a lonely and high pressured role.
This is a community for the technical leaders in Portugal to help and support one another.
Upon acceptance you will be given access to the CTOs Portugal Slack group.

Ask questions about Hiring, Engineering Culture, Processes, Infrastructure, Burnout or any other challenges you come across in your day to day work.
Answer questions from other members with your experiences and knowledge.

There is no cost for being a member of CTOs Portugal.

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Tech Leads only

Sorry, this community is for CTOs, VPoE and Technical Leads only in Portugal


There is no charge to be part of CTOs Portugal

Chatham House Rules

You are free to use information from any discussion, but are not allowed to reveal who made any comment.
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Supportive Community

We expect all members to be supportive of each other


We are a multinational community, so English is the preferred language to allow everyone to contribute

No Abuse

You may disagree, but abuse will not be tolerated. We are a kind community and plan to keep it that way

No Spamming

You may mention services you offer when relevant to the conversation, but spammers will be warned and then kicked off


June 2019 Talks:
Awaiting Schedule
23rd May 2019 Talks:
Hunter-gatherers and software development
Hass Chapman, VP of Engineering at Drover
Not Available
Building an AI company from Scratch
João Graça, CTO at Unbabel
7th March 2019 Talks:
Scaling Engineering Teams
Nuno Silva, Engineering Manager at Pipedrive
Zalando - how we got here and lessons learned
Sergio Laranjeira, Engineering Lead at Zalando SE
What I have learned about building high-performance teams
Hass Chapman, CTO & Head of Product at Uniplaces

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