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About CTOs Portugal

Being a leader can be a lonely and high pressured role.
This is a community for Technology leaders, with a link to Portugal, to help and support one another.
Upon acceptance you will be given access to the CTOs Portugal Slack group and can attend any of the social meetups.
(Public events can be attended by anyone)

Ask questions about Hiring, Engineering Culture, Processes, Infrastructure, Burnout or any other challenges you come across in your day to day work.
Answer questions from other members with your experiences and knowledge.

There is no cost for being a member of CTOs Portugal.

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Our Purpose

We believe in a World where Portugal becomes the best and natural choice for Technology leaders.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse community of leaders that strive to impact the Portugal Tech scene in a big way. We like to think of these leaders as Doers, Shapers and Makers depending on where they are in their growth journey. Our mission is to fuel this journey and provide a resilient platform for our members to engage with each other positively.

We work hard to radically transform Portugal from being just a "surf" and "pastel de nata" destination to become the place to be in the World for all things Technology.

Our Community Values

We believe we should let our guards down in all the things we do within the community and for the community. Enabling a safe space for learning can only be achieved through true openness.

We believe that by being flexible with one another we unlock the true value of our group and provide a fertile ground for growth.

We believe that becoming better professionals means we promote deep and rich learning which comes for sharing experiences and being inquisitive.

We believe that Portugal is the place to be for companies looking for a home so we're committed to making a success of it.

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Technology leaders only

Sorry, this community is for Technology leaders with a link to Portugal


There is no charge to be part of CTOs Portugal

Chatham House Rules

You are free to use information from any discussion, but are not allowed to reveal who made any comment.
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Supportive Community

We expect all members to be supportive of each other


We are a multinational community, so English is the preferred language to allow everyone to contribute

No Abuse

You may disagree, but abuse will not be tolerated. We are a kind community and plan to keep it that way

No Spamming

You may mention services you offer when relevant to the conversation, but spammers will be warned and then kicked off


We not only welcome, but we celebrate diversity and inclusion

What Our Members Say

Glyn Roberts

CTO of Digital Solutions at iTechArt Group

What I have found most useful is being able to ask specific questions about real situations and getting actionable feedback and also recommendations on tools and reading that would be useful in future situations.

João Alves

Engineering Manager @ FREE NOW

As an expat, being able to connect and stay up-to-date with the Portuguese community of technical leaders is great! We can ask questions and share knowledge. Everyone is always keen to help and that's what makes the difference in this group.

Gonçalo Silva

CTO at Doist

Most people playing their "A" game have a great support network. CTOs Portugal fulfils this role spectacularly for folks in PT. Joining a vibrant community like this means not having to test your ideas in production again.

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